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ThinkaNet is currently dedicated fulltime on a client and unable to take on new projects at the moment. Well, at least besides the few pro bono activities for 2 small groups in the local area.

ThinkaNet – why this name?

The name is inspired by my lifelong passion for thinking visually Рin structures, connections and flow. How do things relate to each other Рare the relations fit for purpose  Рdo we have a clear purpose anyway Рwhich connections are missing Рhow can we improve this.


This greek character phi (meaning: ‘the golden ratio’) reminds me not to over-engineer whatever I do. I have a tendency to make things ‘just a little bit better’¬† – well – to the extent of my knowledge and skills. And I learn a lot and improve each day. So – I keep looking for when have I hit ‘the golden ratio’. When it is ‘good enough’, deliver it.

Only delivered work matters.

27 April 2021: The website just moved, and I am starting from scratch – sorry for any confusion this may cause.

Experience is not something you just 'have' - it's something you constantly gather, doubt, inspect, revise or trash.
Preben Gammelmark
ThinkaNet Owner